Saturday, January 28, 2006

The MF Week in Review

We thought that as a part of our new blogging schedule we would post a weekly wrap up of the Monster Factory’s activities. Hopefully it can serve two purposes: first to preview our future work as we shepherd it through the design stages, and second to give an inside view of what it's like to work at the Monster Factory.

This may not always be the most exciting segment that we post, but we're often asked questions about how we work, so hopefully it will be informative. This week has been an appropriate starting point for Week in Review as we spent most of our time doing what we like best: designing monsters. But to start from the beginning, here is everything we did last week:

Blogging: It may be getting much too self-referential by now, but this past Monday marked the first entry in our regular blog schedule. Rhya’s piece on Kimonos kicked it all off and hopefully we can keep it up on a regular basis. We have all enjoyed posting this week.

The Sugars’ Website: Katy and Ping dropped by our studio to go over the details for the layout of the Sugars’ site. They are beginning the final production in Flash right now so we may see a working version soon. Once the site is together they’re on to the music video.

Plush Week: We designed three new monster prototypes to send to Gallery1988’s “Plush Week” show in Los Angeles. The show opens February 7th but the shipping deadline was this past Thursday. We are all happy with the results of our new monsters and from here the patterns will go though a final refinement. Then we will have a new series of monsters. The toughest part of the new guys was getting their mouths right but between the three of us we worked it out.

More Prototyping: Aside form the monsters for “Plush Week” we also spent some time working with two other series of prototypes. “The Bandits” series of monsters is slowly coming together. Of the two characters, one design is working and the other is not. The other series we started just yesterday afternoon. It’s based on some of Rhya’s sketches. They are very round. Probably too round right now but we’re working on it.

Also of Note: Bliss began taking Photoshop lessons from Adam. Lesson one,“the document”, went well. Bliss is a fast learner.

Rhya has begun drawing “great battles in history” in her sketchbook. This may encourage us to put up a “drawings” section of our website.

Adam spent too much of his time researching ecommerce. If he muddles through expect a new MF online store in the not to distant future (one month?). Don’t worry, Kyle Sim is in charge of making the actual store.

All said it was quite a productive week. Our main goal was to finish a new monster line in time for our studio sale in February. This was accomplished so we can all breath a little easier. Next week may not be as fun, production for the spring One of a Kind Show is about to start up. 700 monsters by March 29th, it sounds doable. Right?

Here’s a quick glimpse of the new monsters (we’ll do a longer piece on them next week):

They don't have names just yet. Any suggestions?


Anonymous Marianne said...

Wow! I really like the new monsters. Great work!

5:42 PM  
Blogger adam dunn said...

thanks for the kind words marianne, i appreciate it.

i just visited your blog and i quite enjoy your work too.

2:21 AM  
Anonymous li li said...

Wonderful monsters! :D

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Xandra said...

umm my sister wants one of the new monster's named after her... I said I'd run it by you guys...
PS... her name is Xiomara eeeee i know we love the x's! by the way adam that's xiomara with an x not a z....

12:20 AM  

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