Friday, January 20, 2006

Monster Factory Blog Scheduled Announced

The Monster Factory is pleased to announce that beginning January 22nd we will be following a regular blogging schedule. We have been less than vigilant about posting in the past few months but we do enjoy our blog quite a bit. Therefore we have decided to make a priority of regular blog posts. So, six days a week we’ll be putting something new online including sketches, photos, articles, and “Quotes of the Week”. Rhya is first up on the new schedule with her piece on kimonos.

This move towards regular blogging probably reflects the general mood around the factory these days, which is pretty enthusiastic. There are a great number of things we would like to accomplish this year so the general assumption is that there will be enough content to justify a big increase in blog posts. Hopefully it will be interesting for people to follow along with what we are up to around here. If not, feel free to post comments about how boring we are.


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