Thursday, January 26, 2006

Quotes of the Week

They’re finally back! Monster Factory quotes have returned to the web after a long hiatus. For those of you who were fans of the old MFQD (Monster Factory Quote of the Day) we are resurrecting the practice of recording the weirder things that are overheard in our studio.

Each week we will post the highlights (lowlights?), provided that people actually say anything funny. Anyway her goes the inaugural MFQW:

(Bliss describing how she broke her first cd player)
“I poked it in the technology part”

(Xandra explaining why she didn’t cry while watching “Brokeback Mountain”)
“Apparently I have no soul. So I wouldn’t cry at any movie.”

(Adam complaining about a fruitless search for information online)
“It just seems like every new site I went to opened a new can of beans…no, I mean bees…no, I think I meant worms”

(Bliss on the MFQW themselves)
“This is where you come to degenerate your english skills.”


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