Thursday, February 16, 2006

Here we go again, more strange talkin' from the studio:

(Last week there was an unpleasant smell in our building. Someone was coming from office to office trying to find the source, though they didn't knock on ours. Bliss figured out why.)
"I wonder why they didn’t knock on our door? I guess we do have a reputation for smelling good."

(A fairly random outburst from Rhya while she was sewing)
"You know what? I’m through with compromise!"

(Xandra describing the foods she doesn't like. Lettuce is one of them)
"I don’t like iceberg it makes me throw up."

(A girl named Beatrix came by our studio sale with her mother. She decided she wanted to get a Stanley monster who reminded her of a friend)
Beatrix - "He’s like the Stanley in my class."
Rhya – "Is Stanley afraid of spiders too?"
Beatrix - "Stanley’s afraid of everything!"


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