Friday, September 23, 2005

Monster Factory visits Ryerson Fashion

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The Monster Factory was invited to come and talk to the first year fashion class at Ryerson University, about the ins and outs of starting and running a business after graduating. We had a great time, the students were just fantastic, totally responsive and full of valuable questions, which I hope we answered well. We actually had such a great time talking about the business, that we forgot to take a couple of photo's of the lecture, which we were hoping to do, so instead we took some pics of fashion studio area, which was full of delicious industrial goodness, and pattern perfection. Thanks to the fashion students for being so awesome, and to Lu Ann for inviting us into the classroom!
(there are more photos, up on my flickr account, just clickity clack the above photo)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear bliss, rya and adam,

my name is lauren. i'm a first year ryerson fashion communication student. i was there yesterday at your presentation, and i just wanted to say thank you. since i arrived in toronto (i'm from montreal) and started at ryerson, i've been a little... terrified at how aggresive and well... fake so many of the students and industry members that have come to speak with us have been. it was so lovely to meet creative, hard-working, down to earth individuals who are succesful pursueing their talents and loves. personally, i would much rather go work for people like you who enjoy and believe in what they're doing then some fashion magazine that does the same thing all the other hundreds of magazines do. i think it's a wonderful concept you guys have, especially as it will allow you to branch into soooo many different areas, and meet so many interesteing and talented people. plus, it keeps you in the art world, where *maybe* the product is valued beyond what it can bring in monetarily? in any case, it was really a huge relief to meet you guys, and i wish you continued success in all your endevours. i will most definitly see you at that party you mentioned, and if you ever need and extra pair of hands, say at the one-of-a-kind show or anything else, i'd be happy to volunteer and see another side of what can be done that doesn't *have* to involve fashion shows, magazines or traditional retail.

again, thanks you guys!

wren schreiber

ps. to add to the plethera of unsolicited suggestions, ever consider a monster with a mohawk?

1:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bliss, Rya, Adam,
Thank-you so much for the great talk on thusday, it was truly inspiring and extremely helpful.
You guys have a fantastic product, and it's apparent how much work and creativity goes in to every piece.
I really enjoyed your presentation, all the best in your future monster endeavors.
First year Fashion Design student.

11:37 PM  
Blogger monster factory said...

Thanks Flora
we really enjoyed coming in to talk to you guys, it was such an awesome experience!
You have a wicked first year class.
take care

11:29 AM  

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