Friday, December 16, 2005

Holy Crap, We Have a New Website!

Okay, so it's not "fully functional" but it is a new website nonetheless. Nothing against the old site, we actually liked it quite a bit, but two years is a long time to go between updates (hopefully this means a reprieve from emails pointing this out). The site posted today was just a start to get things going. Coming soon will be a new store with all the monsters, t-shirts, buttons and everything else we come up with next year. Also we have a number of images for the gallery and we are going to start a regular blogging schedule. So all in all we are going to have a significant increase is web content for '06. We'll make it a resolution.

Something that would help us get going with this new era of website improvement would be if anyone who notices problems on our site could email us and let us know what the glitch is and what browser (including version) they are using. We are running OSX at the Factory and have tested the site in Safari and Firefox but we've not had a chance to run it on a Windows platform. This should happen soon but we are still busy with the Christmas season. Any feedback would be appreciated.


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