Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rhya discussing old school projects:
Rhya - I made a collage out of two hands, holding hands, out of hands.... it blew my mind. 

Samantha during a banana flavouring debate (good vs. gross):
Samantha - You don't understand how mad I was when I got my teeth pulled out, because I couldn't put an actual banana in my mouth. You don't understand the rage.

....then trying to recall the quote a few moments later:
Samantha - I don't even remember anymore, something about banana-rage.

Adam regarding Rhya, during a regular monster factory sing-along:
Adam - Your Tina Turner voice sounds like your Chewbacca impression.

Theresa during lunch:
Theresa - If i found out i was allergic to shrimp, i would take six benadryl and go for dim sum.  



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