Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Monster Factory Hits the News Stands!!!

Check us out! We made it in to the Covet section of Toronto's Dose Magazine. Thanks to Jennifer Morrison for the write up. It looks like the monsters had fun at their photoshoot. We nabbed a bunch of copies as keepsakes, but were sure to leave enough for the general public. Does this mean we're famous?


Anonymous Marina said...

Hi Guys!
After Rhya told me about your exciting news I went out and picked up a west coast edition of Dose, and there you guys were! That is national coverage yo! I am so so proud of you all! I took like 10 copies and was practically handing them out on the street, (well, i have given one to every person i know here) but I am going to save one for my Monster Factory scrapbook. Keep up the amazing work! You guys are my heros!
Mucho respect, meen

11:39 AM  

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