Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Monster Factory Returns from Vacation.

As anyone who has attempted to reach us for the past couple of weeks already knows, we actually took a few days off over the Holidays this year. That snapped a streak of 64 consecutive days at work for both Rhya and Bliss (Adam got lazy and took time off with the flu). So the rest was well needed, and hopefully well deserved. We would like to thank everyone who made this past year so busy for us by taking such an interest in the monsters. Later this week we will be posting a 'year in review' / 'preview of the year to come', but for tonight we would just like to let everyone know that we're back in action and looking forward to a new year of monsters.


Blogger rhya said...

hi friends
i miss you two sooooo much.
almost all my stories have begun with "Adam and Bliss" this and "adam and bliss" that.

and wait till you see the book i bought the factory on a certain creature we like to call "unicorn"!!!!

can't wait to see you guys.


3:20 PM  

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