Tuesday, February 28, 2006

About The Office

Ok, so maybe Broadway isn't the best word to describe Bliss, but seriously you name any classic musical or Disney Cartoon and I guarantee Bliss will know at least one of the songs front to back, and will then seranade you with her own rendition.
ps...this is a piece of mouse artwork, i still need a little practice.

The reason I am bringing up Bliss and her lovely singing, is the fact that at the Monster Factory we like to sing, actually we love to sing. Recently we have even begun singing out lines of our conversations rather than saying them...seriously we really are doing this.

I suppose the studio side of the office might have more singing than the office side, long hours hunched over the juki's or cutting out monsters around the table definitely inspire or require a little sing along now and again.

Karaoke, Home-aroke, choral style, pop songs, triple trio, you name it, we are singing it.
So stay tuned all of you who share our passion of singing, you never know when we might start auditioning for more members to the Monster Factory Choir!

And before I go, I thought I would list my current three favorite sing along songs:
(and I am hoping that the rest of the Factory will add their top three aswell!)

1. Fiona Apple ~ Extrodinary Machine
2. Melanie ~ Rollerskates or the Kansas Song
3. Elvis ~ Blue Moon of Kentucky

and what are yours?


Blogger Bliss Man said...

Rhya, you're a hoot and we're going to sing it up when we get the cdg's (cd's with graphics) I've ordered off of ebay. That's 27 discs with 500 songs to choose from! Sounds like karaoke heaven if you ask me.

First off, I'm going to sing to some Patsy Cline, The Bangles, and my little indulgence is Whitney Houston...but that's our little secret:)

12:15 AM  

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