Monday, February 27, 2006

Artist of The Week:
Tara Donovan

Colony, 2002
A few weeks back I stumbled upon the most amazing work, via a link on illustrator and fellow blogger Shannon Lowry's site. The artist's name is Tara Donovan, and she creates these incredible and unbelievable sculptural instillations from common everyday objects.

Untitled, 2003
Viewed from afar her pieces look like bizarre and beautiful abstract landscapes.

Untitled, Detail, 2003
It is not until you get up close, that you realize what these delicate cloudy masses or jagged sculptural terrains, are actually made up of; Donovan uses a variety of ordinary materials, such as styrophoam cups, pencils, or tooth pics, grouped together in large quantities to create her site specific and "site responsive" pieces.

Moire, 1999
Each material's properties are explored and put to the test, coils of adding machine paper are stacked in large piles of varying heights, and steel pins are arranged in a large cube, held together by only "friction and gravity"... it is all really quite outstanding!

I hope you enjoy her work as much as I have.

You can read more and see more about New York artist Tara Donavan's work here and here.


Blogger Thomas Crown said...

those are really very aesthetic pieces..

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