Sunday, February 12, 2006

Week in Review

(February 6th - 10th)

Production: This week was spent mostly 'in production' due to our up coming studio sale. We had set our goals and were trying to meet them. This meant long hours cutting out and sewing up monsters. It was a pretty tight race but in the end we made it thanks to Xandra, who stayed extra late with us on Friday. Heroine indeed.

Daniela: She's the newest member to our super awesome workstudy crew. She'll be giving Adam a hand in executing the Monster Factory marketing plan 2006. We're all excited about taking over the world...

New Monsters: The greatest achievement of the week was finalizing our newest monsters. It was certainly a challenge, seeing as we were knee deep in production. We managed to give the patterns a final tweek and off they were to be us. One day we'll have an army of sewers! I've promised myself this many times while sewing the many monsters we sew. It gives me comfort.

After giving the monsters their names (the fun part) we had the difficult task of naming the series. Sometimes this is easy and sometimes not...this time it was not. We were coming up with abysmal names and kept on suggesting names like, the "Heartbreakers" which, of course, was already taken. We were kicking ourselves over that one. How perfect would that have been?

We finally settled on the "Little Blisses". This was the name of an original series Rhya made for my birthday way back when. They were very sweet monsters made out of some fabric I'd given her a few months before. So, for the record, these monsters were not named after me...but you have to admit it is a pretty awesome name...tee hee.

Monster traits can also be a very fun part of monster making. Again, we had trouble. I think it was due to the distraction of sewing and thinking at the same time. We knew that they looked kind of slow and were intense in showing their affection, but sometimes that's hard to put into words. Adam came through once again and we were off to the printers!

Alas, it turns out that one of our biggest lessons this week is that many printers are closed on the weekend. Boo-urns! The story has a good ending though. Adam ended up at a Staples not too far away and the tags were printed. He then made it back to the studio where we tagged the "Little Blisses". Please give Beth, Dirk, and Wayne a warm welcome to the Monster Factory.

The End


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