Sunday, February 05, 2006

MF Week In Review

(January 30th - February 3rd)

Work Study Posting: Early in the week we sent a posting, via e-mail, to Ryerson University looking for fashion design and communication students to give us a hand. We had done this a few months before and though we only got 2 responses they were from the best students ever: Xandra and Najeha. We thought ourselves the luckiest monster makers ever. I should mention that when I attended Ryerson there was a bulletin board and that's where all the workstudy postings were. Back in September I made sure that our posting was on that bulletin board. I was kind of surprised at how few responses we got. The mystery is solved!

It turns out that since I graduated in 2003 the system changed. These days the way to get postings to students is to have Audrey at the tech's office e-mail it to all the students attending Ryerson's school of Fashion. Talk about direct marketing. Needless to say we've had a huge spike on our website and many phone calls and e-mails. After responding to all of them we spent the later part of the week conducting interviews. It's been great meeting with students and we look forward to working with them.

Pax: The newest member to our studio family is named Pax. Pax is a storage unit that Adam purchased from Ikea on Monday. Since getting rid of our old shelves we were in desperate need to find a place for all of our stuff.

Adam takes issue shopping at Ikea because of the low-grade quality of their products so this was difficult trip for him to make. There weren't many alternatives which also made it quite frustrating. Perhaps due to our low expectations of the future storage unit we are very happy with our Pax. Our mini fridge fits into it perfectly so now people don't have to look at our make-shift kitchen anymore and the drawers allow us to store monsters in an orderly fashion. Adam spent part of the week building Pax with the $3 screwdriver he got at the corner store. The screwdriver didn't really make it to the finish line and wasn't quite worth the $3 he paid for it.

(Adam's photo montage)

Production: As always there is the construction of monsters. We're working towards our Studio sale (Feb. 11-13). We start out by making a list of monsters we're going to make and the number of each, depending on their popularity. After that I organize all of the monster pieces and then we get sewing. This week we sewed up all the monster parts like the tongues, spikes, wings, and teeth. We also hand stitched the Heartbreaker's teeth and Otis' eyes. This week we'll bring it home by sewing up the entire monster bodies.

The Sugars: Rhya worked on some drawings for the site. They're awesome! All I have to say is high tops, flying cassette tapes, and flying records. Adam immediately made a desktop from her drawings...check it.

Adam's Birthday: We celebrated Adam's birthday on Thursday by having a nice lunch at the Rebel House with our friend, Grace. Boy, was it good. We put in few hours at work and then headed out for more feed with the was a good day for eating.


Blogger Xandy said...

Guys everyone at school is asking me to get them at job at the Monster Factory... it's madness I tell yah, madness...
PS. I don't seem to receive those mysterious emails audrey sends, hence me seeing the original post on the board... I think it was fate that I saw it.

2:31 PM  
Blogger Bliss Man said...

Xandra, You're my commenting hero...One day we'll have an empire where we can hire all of your friends and what a joyous world it will be...

12:29 AM  

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