Monday, February 06, 2006

Around The Office

Meet the Monster Factory Plant Life.
These three lovely cacti live a very happy existence on the north-east corner of Adam's desk.
He does a great job of taking care of his plant friends, protecting them from Bliss and my waving elbows and clumsy arms.

But these cacti did not always have it so easy. In fact, Adam had to travel to the depths of a desert, (a desert that shall remain nameless), to rescue his three prickly amigos, from the clutches of the "EVIL BUZZARD BOYZ".

Knowing that Bliss and I would never believe such a treacherous tale, Adam took a photo to back up his adventure:

It also should be said, that I am feeling a tad wee bit under the weather tonight.
Kyle was nice enough to draw everyone a portrait:

As you can see the "EVIL BUZZARD BOYS" have come to torture me!


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