Friday, July 22, 2005


artbots plushy prototypes!

So another exciting project that the monster factory has had the pleasure of taking part of was this year's installment of Artbots! We were given the wonderful opportunity of designing this year's artbot's logo and the audience and artists choice awards. You can check out the show documentation here (there are some photo's of the finalized plush artbots being awarded).

Finalized Plush Artbots with Douglas at the award ceremony.



Monday, July 18, 2005

The Monster Factory and Farms now has a blog, where Adam, Bliss and Rhya can post monster photos and current monsterific events and information.

Here are some photo's of the monsters from this years Toronto Outdoor Art Show, thanks to everyone who came out and said hello and gave the monsters a squeeze.

Monsters in Pants

An Over Achiever.

Over Achiever in a skirt

another Over Achiever

Meena the cloud bottom monster

meena's cloudy bum

Matthew, the swamp bottom monster

swampies bottom

Little Bisses

little bliss in her tutu

tie makes a monster

ties are proper

Sugars survive another re-design.

Old school, Jonny from the Heartthrob series.

Otis all dressed up for a day on the town, with his best lady friend.

Kevin, in all his glory.

Ohh sweet and silly Dave, off to visit momsie.