Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rhya discussing old school projects:
Rhya - I made a collage out of two hands, holding hands, out of hands.... it blew my mind. 

Samantha during a banana flavouring debate (good vs. gross):
Samantha - You don't understand how mad I was when I got my teeth pulled out, because I couldn't put an actual banana in my mouth. You don't understand the rage.

....then trying to recall the quote a few moments later:
Samantha - I don't even remember anymore, something about banana-rage.

Adam regarding Rhya, during a regular monster factory sing-along:
Adam - Your Tina Turner voice sounds like your Chewbacca impression.

Theresa during lunch:
Theresa - If i found out i was allergic to shrimp, i would take six benadryl and go for dim sum.  


Friday, June 06, 2008

When two cats go away...the mice will play!

So Adam and Bliss took off this week for a little vacation on the east side, leaving me in charge of holding down the fort. I figured it would be a breeze, I mean come on, how hard can running the Monster Factory really be? Things started off pretty alright. I mean it was fairly normal, monster making, puppet building, stuffing bags, lunch, laughs...same old same old. But somewhere into the second day it started to get weird and then got weirder and by the end of the week it was just a giant monster mess.

Somehow in all the chaos I managed to document some of the events that unfolded:

First off Samanny EATS LUNCH!

See this is just crazy, she is ordering sushi! Seriously, I should have just called it quits after this very very rare event!

And yes she is dipping that avo roll in soy sauce!

Next our fearless studio manager, actually turned into her alter ego "Princess Grumble Cakes". Up until then it was just a nick name, but with Adam and Bliss gone, Jen turned into a REAL princess, ordering everyone around to do her biddings and making us bring her King Crab meals from the Keg for lunch every day. It was horrible! Absolutely horrible

Princess Grumble Cakes all evil with Keg Take Out!

After that our sweet sweet Catherine went totally UNSWEET, in fact I believe the word is UNSAVOURY! The photo pretty much explains it.

As you can imagine, Catherine didn't make it to lunch that day (and didn't have to pick up the princess' keg meal, so in some ways she was pretty lucky).

Then in an attempt to revolt against Princess Grumble Cakes evil rule, Tally took to hiding in a fort of fabric. She lead a one man revolution against the rein of Grumble Cakes. It got kind of tense there for a second or two.

Commander Tally in position

Calling for back up!

Ok and then this almost put me over the edge, Michelle grew a tail!

A furry tail!

Ok, but what really did it, what really took the cake and made me flip, was our Little Miss Laura. Who earlier in the week had called in sick, but decided to show up for work today...and you wouldn't believe it...Laura had turned into a MONSTER:

She rolled in on her red bike, all cool in her hoodie and shades, but totally a monster!

I have no words.

So as you can imagine I snapped.

I mean really snapped.

Seriously snapped.

Thankfully the week is over, and I made it out of the office. All I can say is the Monster Factory needs two people and there names are Adam and Bliss. So can you please come home now! You are missed!
Yours truly,
Ok Ok, it was all a joke, none of this really happened...the week was a smiling success, everything got done, no one passed out in a pile of monsters or built a fort in the fabrics, but we did still really miss our friends.

Come home soon A and B, we miss you!
xoxo from the Illustrious Moustache Society A.K.A your staff.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Misleading Dye Party!

Over the past few weeks Monster Factory has been working on some puppet prototypes. Amidst an ongoing series of trial and error, we are learning lots about foam, sewing mouths, and most recently dying fleece. So, today was spent stirring vats in the kitchen like cauldrens, and attempting not to dye ourselves in the process. 

After careful measuring, boiling water, timing (and feeling as though we were part of a grade six science lesson) ... our conclusion of the day is this: Dylon dye is a liar.

...is Reindeer Beige.

...is not Reindeer Beige.

...is Desert Dust.

..is NOT Desert Dust... 
...at ALL. So confusing.