Monday, October 31, 2005

Monsters at the Gladstone

Boy oh boy! What a night we had at the Monster Factory Launch Party. We hosted what I would say was a successful party at the Gladstone Hotel on Wednesday night, October 26th. Lots of friends and family showed up for the occasion which made us all feel warm in the hearts. Thank you all for coming. And thank you to Pat, Adam's mom, for preparing the yummy cookies, sandwiches, and veggies for all of our hungry bellies. What would the night be without music? Thank you Terrance and Alan for making the night musical. Those guys are so nice.

We got the overall feeling that people liked our new monsters, t-shirts and buttons. We now have the One of a Kind Show to look forward to, though it means more time at the studio... you'll know where to find us. Peace out... M.F.

"This monster's name is Bobby 5. He is the youngest of 5 brothers. He's got a lot to prove."

Jen and Dayle check out our new merch...buttons that is.

Courtney and Heather get to know Kyle the robot.

Jakob approves!

Cindy (left) saved our butts by helping us with the we gave her a tee. Thanks girl.

Speaking of saving our butts, Umiko really came through for us by stitching up many many monsters at the last minute...thank you for being our heroine.

Grace and Tara represent, yo!

Chris and Jen share in the love...

Aimee and Jen are also our heroes. Let's face it, we have great friends.

Maria and Scott (of Tinlids fame) came out... and I know they left with monsters. Ta!

Say goodnight to our new was an excellent but tiresome night, even for them.


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