Friday, March 10, 2006

Okay, so Rhya isn't really a cannibal (as last weeks 'Quotes of the Week' may have indicated). She would like the world to know that she was taken "out of context".

In my defense the quote is verbatim and regardless of the context it sounds pretty cannibal-ish.

This week's installment of MFQW should draw some heat away from Rhya's problem, we've got a couple of newcomers to the Monster Factory who seem to fit right in, quotes and all.

Daniela was telling us about a friend who is a particularly unhealthy eater.
Bliss – "Does she look unhealthy?
Daniela – "No, she’s not overweight or anything. I just wouldn’t want to take a trip to her insides."

Noemie offered medical(?) advice to Adam when he noticed his hand shaking.
Adam – "Even when I'm cutting my hand is still shaking."
Noemie – "Do you need some cheese, or juice?"

Bliss and Adam discussing a dubious work-study placement that Bliss had while studying fashion at Ryerson.
Adam - "How could you put down Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory as work study?"
Bliss – "It was visual merchandising."
Adam – "It was chocolate!"
Bliss – "They didn’t know that."
Adam – "But it’s in the name!"


Blogger rhya said...

hahhahaha...i love the rocky mountain one, that is totally what i think every time bliss says she put that down as a work study.

and the new pic is awesome.

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:00 AM  

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