Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Proto-typing FUN!!!

When the Monster Factory isn't super busy preparing monsters for shows, we are able to take the time to make new monsters. This involves a lot of sketching, idea storming, and eventually we end up translating a drawing into a three dimentional plush monsters. It's a pretty exciting time because we get to experiment with new shapes and sewing techniques. We do make a lot of prototypes. Not all of them work out, but it's still fun making them and we always get a laugh out of the ones that don't quite work.

Over these past few months we've been fortunate enough to have help from students from Ryerson's Fashion program. They've been essential to the production of monsters, but as much as they must love to make our monsters we were anxious to give them an opportunity to make some of their own. Why else would you ever work for free at the MF?

We are proud to present monster prototypes made by our interns and by us.

Monacle Bunny
by rhya

by bliss
by Theresa, Samantha, and Hillary
Flying Hightop
by xandra
Rabies and Rabies
by laura
Destructo the Robot
by samantha
made by rhya


Anonymous laura said...

i especially love bucky and the rabbies twins. fantastic!

10:24 AM  
Anonymous linds said...

oooh, the last one, all robot-y superhero-y is my fav!

9:11 AM  

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