Monday, March 13, 2006

Mamechiyo Modern at Magic Pony!

So right now, there is a fantastic show happening down at the Magic Pony gallery, exibiting the work of Mamechiyo, the exciting modern Kimono designer. If you are in Toronto you should definitely check it out.
I went to the opening last thursday to check it out myself, and wow wow wow, I know I was kimono crazy before, but now it is out of control!
Also, thanks to Yumiko, kimono dresser and lender extrodinaire, I got to attend in a Kimono, (Yumiko also dressed four other people for the night, including herself). It was so much fun.
The highlight of the evening was meeting Mamechiyo, who was wearing the most beautiful obi, with an astronaut hopping about on the moon.
I love her words on wearing Kimono:
"It's about living kimono as a lifestyle, a philosophy." (this is from this great globe and mail article).
and to close the evening check out these beautiful geta!


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